There’s no place like HOME

The past week has been a blur. The Black Hills of South Dakota were beautiful and we really enjoyed our time there. Interject connection was sketchy and only got worse as we headed East, but the good news is that we rolled into our driveway at about 6 pm this evening, with Mom awaiting us eagerly.

We had a fantastic summer and have more stories and photos to share, but for right now I’m going to sign off by saying while its great to be home, I miss the arid climes of the west–this eastern humidity is for the birds!


8 thoughts on “There’s no place like HOME

  1. Congratulation on arriving home safely. The trip itself was a major accomplishment. So glad to have met both of you.

    • Hey Dan,
      Amazing trip!

      Fond memories to keep you going through the winter……

      Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. What an adventure I have so enjoyed reading about it. But, it must be wonderful to be sleeping in your own bed again.

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