A wild farewell

This morning we backtracked to Yellowstone to head east to South Dakota’s many wonders. We were awake early and on the road before 7 am. The sun was lighting the tops of the Tetons as rain began on the mountains. We pulled over to a turnout to gasp as a rainbow, then a double rainbow, glimmered in the distance. We stayed until the rainbows faded then resumed our journey. 20120801-173458.jpg
Continuing northward, we were astonished when later along the shore of Yellowstone Lake, Dan spotted two buck elk sparring. Several cars zoomed by while we watched in amazement, snapping photos.

Eventually other cars stopped and we moved on, only to come to a traffic jam — a certain wildlife indicator, and sure enough, a grizzly bear soon wandered into view after an apparently unsuccessful visit to the picnic area. As he turned toward the road Dan hopped into the car but we watched, incredulous, as others moved still closer in search of the perfect photo! We, alas did not get the photo, but we do still have all limbs intact.

We moved on past the grizzly only to again be stopped by the cars whose occupants were viewing a black bear wandering into the woods. The remainder of the drive was mostly small rodents, a few marmots and several pronghorn antelope, interspersed with jaw-dropping views of the east side of Yellowstone NP and the Buffalo Bill Scenic Highway into Cody, WY.

Ended the day at Keyhole State Park near Gillette, Wyoming with Pronghorn Antelope grazing out along the field.

As always more photos will follow on Flickr when we have better connection; these are from the iPhones.







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