Yellowstone was not our list, but hey, it’s on the way (mostly) to the Tetons so we did a very quick drive through some of the southern loop.

The short trip through meant we had to choose what we wanted to see carefully. Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon won. The Falls within the canyon, the trademark canyon color, the geographic features, and the history of what we were witness to confirmed that we had made a good choice!

We saw a lot of the Park on the way in from the western access point to the Park and we continued to be awed by more as we headed out the southern entrance/exit. We saw our share of elk and bison. At one point we had to stop as a family of bison crossed the road. Majestic papa bison was making his presence known with a series of snorts.

We had planned on visiting Old Faithful, but as its clock was set to a timeframe, so was ours in terms of finding a campsite in Teton. Another time I guess!








3 thoughts on “Yellowstone

  1. It’s been 15 years since I was in Yellowstone and your pictures helped jog my memory of how it looked. We camped at a lizard name campsite and I just remember staring at the Tetons the whole time we were driving around. They are such beautiful mountains. Then again, after seeing the mountains in Glacier maybe the Tetons will seem tiny. :)

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