Glacier National Park

Please forgive out absence as internet and cell service are extremely rare commodities in Glacier.

It goes without saying that we enjoyed our time in Glacier immensely. No shortage of scenic vistas, towering mountains, babbling creeks, waterfalls, wildlife, and of course glaciers.

Side note: I’m writing this on my cell phone traveling east on Route 2 (part of the Lewis and Clark Trail) between Browning and Cut Bank, Montana and we just passed the site of Lewis and Clark’s winter stopping ground Camp Disappointment.

Ok, I’m back. Sorry for the commercial break…

We traveled the Going to the Sun Road that cuts through the park. Built by the Civil Conservation Corp, it is yet another example of the influence the CCC brought to this nation.

The 50 mile going to the Sun Road was Ah-May-Zing! Two lanes; one spreading her arms out the valleys beyond as well as the rivers below and the other hugging the mountain mother. Wide and long vehicles prohibited… with good reason! As we expected there was a healthy dose of traffic (both ways) with pull-offs to stop and read an exhibit sign, take a short (or long) walk/hike, or simply take in the view. We traveled the Going to the Sun Road twice. The second time was this morning at 7:00 when traffic is predicted to be minimal and more wildlife is likely to be out and about. We weren’t disappointed with the wildlife because we saw a half dozen big horn sheep in the parking lot of the visitors’ center at Logan’s Pass.

Yesterday (Saturday) we hiked 2 miles in to Avalanche Lake. Fed by snow and glacier melt, the lake is surrounded by a flank of towering peaks. In unison, the peaks shed their winter coats in the form of many towering waterfalls that thunder over edge upon edge until they reach the lake. The lake feeds Avalanche Creek which feeds McDonald Lake which eventually feeds the Pacific (seeing how it’s all about the Great Divide). I probably don’t need to tell you that the water is cold, but I will. The water is cold.

More to come as we head through Yellowstone National Park and on to Grand Teton National Park – Dan20120729-105920.jpg20120729-110007.jpg20120729-110040.jpg20120729-110124.jpg20120729-110203.jpg20120729-110436.jpg20120729-110953.jpg20120729-111004.jpg20120729-111030.jpg





2 thoughts on “Glacier National Park

  1. Dan & Alice, I am Heading to Glacier Aug 5 with Adventure bus! Thanks for the photos…they are making me excited for my trip. Enjoy the next leg of your journey. Take Care, Lara Emery Lupien

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