Heading to Glacier National Park

Spent the night near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, just east of Spokane, Washington, in a nicely run Narional Forest camp ground on Coeur d’Alene Lake.

We’re currently on our way to Glacier National Park. We’ll need to cross the northern reaches of the Bitterroot Range and head into the Rockies. Should be in Glacier by the early afternoon. Really looking forward to the Going to the Sun Road. Our plan is to do that early in the morning as more wildlife is out, good light for photos, and less traffic.

On a side note, not sure where the time zone change is. Should look into that pretty quick.

Stay tuned! – Dan


3 thoughts on “Heading to Glacier National Park

      • HAHAHAAA! Oh gosh. Is it bad that I would be wishing the same thing? I think I am too old for impending motherhood. We saw one bear up close while there and it involved Lee freaking out, driving faster to get past it, and telling me to take a picture while not letting me roll down the window. I didn’t get a picture because we were so flustered. Lee is a huge safety guy so he was researching bears before we left for our trip and is rather scared of them. We had the bear bells and the best bear spray he could find.

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