Seattle by storm

We left our campsite early this morning aiming the Mazda at Bainbridge Island where we’d booked a hotel for a couple of nights, at a rate that only raised my eyebrows slightly.

We checked in, dumped our bags and headed to the ferry terminal for the ride to Seattle. We enjoyed a nice view of the city as we approached, but were denied views of the mountains by the grey, overcast skies. Once in Seattle we headed for Pike Market, then on to the Seattle Library to see the cool building that houses the library. It was amazing.

After that, a trip up to the top of the Columbia Tower for views of the city from the building’s observation deck on the 73 rd floor. It was a great way to orient ourselves to the city, although it made distance places appear deceptively nearby.

We ended the day with a trip to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit. it was stunning. We went late in the day to take advantage of the exhibits lighting as the sun set. It was fabulous. The sculptures look animate, as if when you aren’t looking they might just move. It was a busy day we are now sitting on the ferry on what should be called the pooped deck, heading to the hotel for the night.  A few photos from the iPhones are below, check out the Flicker site for more and better shots.










3 thoughts on “Seattle by storm

  1. Amazing day! I saw some of the Chihuly exhibit in Boston last year. It’s awesome – in the true sense of the word! Lucky you, to see it in situ. Great pix!

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