Urban Art: Yarnstorming

Port Angeles, as Ali has written, seems to place priority on spiffing up the city proper with a hefty dose of public art. Graffiti (aka Urban Art) tends to lean to the permanent defacing of private and public property and there is no evidence of it here. But, there’s a new form of urban art that requires hours of planning and execution and that is here.

We were taking in the sites of Port Angeles on our first day here and came upon this piece of public art covered with someone’s knitting project.

It’s known as yarnstorming. (Also know as yarnbombing, but I prefer the non-violent, yet acceptable term of yarn storming.)

Yarnstorming is catching on as an acceptable form of urban art. It’s creative, fun, and it keeps the knitting community busy planning their next project. You know how counter-culture knitters can be! (Sorry Mom, Nina, Jackie, and of course Bets!)

Anyway, it was fun to finally see yarnstorming in action. I’d heard of it but not actually seen any evidence. Gosh, this trip is packed with firsts!

Visit Port Angeles’ Cable Art Studio’s link to learn more about this recent yarnstorming event at: http://www.cabledfiberstudio.com/Yarnbombing.html

Be sure to view the video of London’s experience with yarnstorming and how they take the urban art form in stride without getting their knickers in a twist. – Dan




3 thoughts on “Urban Art: Yarnstorming

  1. Funny you should have this yarn bombing experience. I’ve been knitting for a yarn bombing to take place in Farmingdale when my friend’s new yarn and stitchery store opens in August. I’ve knitted for telephone poles, fences, and sign posts. It’s a gas.

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