Port Angeles

We breakfasted in Port Angeles this morning, planning to talk with the Victoria Vancouver Tourist Bureau early in the day for advice on traveling to Seattle via ferry through Victoria. We had to stop at the donut shop, because of the giant rooster sculpture in the window.

Cock-A-Doodle Donuts was a nice little shop, but after the Maple Bacon donut from VooDoo Donuts in Eugene OR, well let’s just say they did not cast a spell on me. Anyway, after procuring coffee and donut we made our way to the Public Landing in Port Angeles. We wandered out onto the pier to take on the view and I was immediately drawn to the 4 story observation tower. I climbed up and had a look. There wasn’t much ship traffic going that early, but I did catch a glimpse of a cutie below me.

While waiting for the Tourist Bureau to open we ambled around. Port Angeles is an interesting mix of busy port town and tourist town, with a population of 19,000. Huge vessels carrying lumber, container ships, tankers and cruise ships pass through the port enroute to and from the US. Ferries pass between Port Angeles and Victoria B.C., which of course means customs agents, border patrol and homeland security are all present on the busy waterfront.

Just a block in from the waterfront are shops and restaurants of all types. I bought a new pair of sandals at a well stocked local shoe store from a pretty knowledgeable man who, when not running his store, is an active member of the local fire department. There were several other interesting little shops, but we needed to learn about the ferries and then head west for the day. I hope we find time to see more.






3 thoughts on “Port Angeles

  1. YOU WENT TO VOODOO DONUTS?!?! Lee wants to know if you did every possible awesome thing in our town while here. lol. I woke up today really wanting a donut. Now I’m desperate for one. :)

      • Lee says he thinks that the maple bacon donut would be more perfect if they crumbled the bacon so it was more evenly embedded in the top with the frosting. We went there a few days ago and I got a box full of donuts. Now they are all gone and I feel sad. lol.

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