Cape Flattery

Today we drove 2 hours (one way) from our current campsite at Salt Creek County Park near Joyce, WA to visit the north-western most point in the continental US. It was just under 70 mile to get there, but on some of the most convoluted roads we’ve driven yet (plus there were logging trucks!)

As our favorite campground in Maine is a stone’s throw from the north-eastern most point in the continental US, we’ve had Cape Flattery in our sights since leaving Maine.

In fact, we each brought our baseball caps celebrating the north-eastern most town (Lubec) and the north-eastern most city (Eastport) in recognition of their extended relationship in today’s trip.

There’s a half-mile trail to the Shore from the parking lot of Cape Flattery Park. At the end is a small but splendid deck with railings overlooking the bay. Here we donned our caps and asked some nice folks to snap a few photos to mark the occasion.

Today’s destination was a fun moment for Ali and I. We had the chance to wear silly hats and share a bit of the Maine we know and love with the people around us. And, as have so many of our destinations have been, it was beautiful.





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