Alpine meadows and ocean views

After basking in the sun for the morning at Rialto Beach, Dan and I continued on to the northern edge of Washington State where the mountains plunge down to the sea. We passed the stunning azure blue Crystal Lake, nestled in a steep mountain valley, then just a few miles northward came to the Pacific shoreline.

We are camping for a few days in a fabulous county park, the Salt Creek Recreation Area, which has a great beach and trails in addition to nice campsites and hot showers.

After setting up camp, we headed to nearby Port Angeles to explore and map out our plans for the next few days. After viewing the forecast, we opted to drive up to Hurricane Ridge this afternoon before clouds and possible rain arrive.

The ridge is high in the mountains and offers distant glimpses of Washington’s glaciers amidst towering snow covered peaks. The summit has a broad expanse of alpine meadow which was covered in wildflowers, predominantly broad leaved lupine and a flowering sedge. The lupine perfumed the air and covered the hillsides. Honestly, at any moment I expected Maria to arrive with Von Trapp children in tow. It was magical.

We hiked up a trail to the summit and took in the view. A longer trail was still closed, covered with snow. This has to be one of my favorite moments of the trip and was completely unexpected. I am so lucky I was able to enjoy this moment in time.








3 thoughts on “Alpine meadows and ocean views

  1. Did you know that I worked at Battelle’s marine lab in Sequim for 3 years? Commuted from Seattle…long commute. Lovely area…glad you’re enjoying it.

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