Olympic National Park: Rialto Beach

Sitting here in the sun along the coast at Rialto Beach. Sun and coast are not necessarily synonymous so we are taking advantage and laying among the stones and weather worn trees strewn about the beach.

It’s always fun to examine the objects on the beach and take them into your mind’s eye as the “art” that it really is. It’s not a case of, “Oh, look at that tree.” It’s more a case of, “Look at the shape of those roots and how the waves and stones have polished them over time to create a sculpture of curves that catch the light just so.” Or, “Doesn’t that driftwood look like a bird’s head?”

Look for the beauty around you and you’ll find it. – Dan






2 thoughts on “Olympic National Park: Rialto Beach

    • Helene, glad to hear from you! I am happy you and Jim are enjoying the blog. Perhaps someday we’ll have the chance to meet up again.

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