Maine is a big small town part XII

Yesterday at Ruby Beach in Olympic NP Dan and I caught up with and old friend from my misspent youth at summer camp. My friend Stephanie now owns a great adventure travel business, Adventure Bus. Stephanie and I grew up in the same little town and her mom, Nurse Elaine, was the camp nurse at Camp Pondicherry and recruited me to work at camp lo those many years ago. (I am quite convinced Pondicherry changed my life for the better, and I am certain the same can be said for many of the campers and staff. Thanks again, Elaine!!)

We almost missed the bus but finally caught sight of it at some road construction. it was fun to catch up and get a glimpse of Molly the bus. It looks like an awesome way to see some of the great places in the west. Next trip, maybe??

Great to see you Steph, have a great trip!




2 thoughts on “Maine is a big small town part XII

  1. So glad you caught up with The Adventure Bus and Stephanie! The world gets smaller every day. I am looking forward to a trip in August to Glacier national Park with Steph and Adventure Bus. HAve fun! Lara

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