Portland Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden in Portland is not to be missed. It has been meticulously planned and executed right down to the Tea House made in Japan and shipped to Portland. It is run by the Japanese Society of Oregon, and was designed to represent a traditional estate garden in pre-modern Japan.

The Portland Japanese Garden evokes the surroundings of an estate in pre-modern Japan. It includes five distinct areas and honors natures beauty through plants, water, stones and carefully executed views.

It was truly beautiful; serene and quietly breathtaking, around every bend was something to gasp in delight over. I especially loved the layers of plants from low to the ground to those towering over my head, leaves and colors contrasting and complimenting one another.

I took many photos but as with so many places we have visited, a photo does not begin to capture the experience, it merely hints at how special it was.

We made lots of comments to one another about the way elements were placed; the lovely mix of natural and made objects, the tiny wattle fencing used for erosion control. I hope we can take some of what we learned back to Henbogle garden.

Photos do not tell the story but I’ll post some when cell connection allows.


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