Around the Next “Bend”

Backing up a bit and sharing our journey from Eugene to Bend.

We took Route 5 and meandered through the Willamette National Forest. One of the two stops we made was at Salt Creek Falls. The viewing area was easily accessible. Now, let me just say that when I say viewing area, I mean a walkway opposite the falls perched on the mountainside hundreds of feet above the river below. 268 feet to be exact, making it the second highest continuous spill waterfall in Oregon. The river’s performance draws you in, and before you realize it, you’ve spent 5 minutes watching and listening as your head empties of anything of importance. Yeah, it’s that good.

Our next foray, just two miles down Route 5 was the Eagle Peak Oregon Skyway gondola ride. The folks there have done a good job of promoting multiple uses for the facilities in the summer. You can play disc golf through their course on the way down the trails, you and a friend can stuff your mountain bikes in the gondola and ride the multiple trails down the hill all day for $15, or you can do what we did and just take in the scenery.

What we thought would be a routine trip back to Bend proved once again that you just don’t know what might be around the next Bend. – Dan




2 thoughts on “Around the Next “Bend”

  1. I keep looking for signs of road fatigue with you guys, but the Henbogle Express just keeps chugging merrily along. And much of the best stuff (for me, at least) still lies ahead. What’s your trip mileage at this point?


    • Amanda, we are over 5,000 miles right now, but I can’t currently locate the starting mileage so I don’t have the exact number. We just had the oil changed in the trusty Mazda.

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