Far away friends

Ages ago, I stumbled upon a blog called Farm Folly documenting the experiences of two wild and crazy kids who bought an old house in Oregon and were fixing it up whole trying to grow a big garden and keep hens (sound familiar?)

Lee and Robin share many of the same interests as Dan and I, including travel. In April while they were vacationing on the East Coast, we met up with them for a brief evening in Portland, ME. We really enjoyed their company so we arranged for another meet-up Friday in Eugene, OR.

We met at the wonderful Cascades Raptor Center (more on that later) and then Lee and Robin showed us some highlights of the city. We visited a local brewery and sampled some of their delicious beer, had a locally sourced dinner and tried more local craft beer at a great little restaurant, and for the trifecta win, finished off the evening with a stroll through the Owen Rose Garden including a quick detour to a community garden site.

We laughed and enjoyed great beer, food and friends. It was the perfect night. Thanks again Lee and Robin!

Be sure to read the next post about Our adventures in Bend.


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