The Newberry Crater

Following our stay at Joseph Stewart State Park we head north to Bend. On the way we stopped to check out the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. This of course required an ascent of yet another peak. This time it was Paulina Peak at 7,830 ft. The ride up was not for the meek at heart. Hardscrabble, dusty, steep, narrow, and barely two lanes wide describe this “road” pretty well. No guardrails or Jersey barriers for this park road. No way!

We were reasonable yet steady navigators of the peak road. We can’t say that for other people though. Nut jobs is all we have to say. How they live to see another day is beyond us.

Anyway, the drive up ended with an open parking lot and incredible views of the Newberry Crater and the twin lakes that it had a hand in creating.

With two hands on the wheel at all times and the car in a low gear, the ride down was uneventful and provided panoramic vistas of the snow-capped Cascade Range.





2 thoughts on “The Newberry Crater

  1. Have loved following your travels. I have been to many of the sites–but over 40 years–and not to others, which all entice me. Do you get to the Oregon Coast? Check Bandon–best golf course in the world!! Sorry could not resist.

    Rory misses you. We say “Alice,” and he looks all around. Weighed in at 122 last month–is now on a diet.

    Love the pictures.


  2. Hi Sandy!

    We haven’t been to the Oregon coast yet, we headed inland to see Crater Lake and the Newberry volcanic site. We made ot to Bend briefly, loved it and moved on to meet some pals, but are heading back this morning. It is a craft beer mecca and apparently has an excellent distillery as well.

    If we get back to the coast Ill look into golf lessons at Bandon ;-)

    I miss Rory and am looking forward to the fall! Give him some extra love from me.

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