Cheezy-licious kitsch

And yet another roadside attraction we couldn’t pass by: Trees of Mystery! This tourist magnet in Crescent City CA offered A giant-sized speaking Paul Bunyan and ox Babe, many ancient Sitka Spruce and Coastal Redwoods featured in Ripley’s Believe I Or Not, and a gondola ride above the treetops with viewing platform.

We dutifully said hello to Paul and bought our tickets. The atmosphere was only lacking a cartoon cheeta in cheezyness, but the audio recordings at sites along the trail were interesting, and the trees were enormous and beautiful. We walked up the hillside about half a mile then boarded the gondola for our treetop view. Unfortunately the top was fogged in but the ride did allow glimpses of the treetops, all showing bright green new growth.
All in all it will be a good story, and the trees were magnificent.







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