Redwood Country

Dan and I packed up and headed north today, to the land of the tall trees. We are camping tonight at Patricks Point State Park near Eureka, CA, within earshot of the sea.

We drove through some beautiful country to get here, Mendocino County was lovely and where we noticed the scenery changing; by the county line the landscape was becoming more forested.

On our way we drove through the Avenue of the Giants, a grove of towering old growth redwoods. The sun was out but the enormous trees filtered the sun to dappled shade. Driving along we saw a sign that proved irresistible: the opportunity to drive through a redwood.

In Leggett, CA there was a roadside attraction through a grove of redwoods, and the chance to drive through the Chandelier Redwood. We couldn’t pass it up– especially since it is Dan’s birthday! He’s had quite the birthday this year I’d say.

We’ll end the day with some carrot cake and a campfire; tomorrow will be a big day exploring the redwood coastline and nearby Redwood National Park.






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