The magic of the interwebs

Much of our trip has depended on the Internet. Planning and researching, making reservations, blogging and staying in touch with friends and family are but a few of the ways we have benefitted with the Internet. The trip has also led to new friends brought together through the Internet and common interests.

On my gardening blog Henbogle I have occasionally mentioned GardenWeb, an excellent forum site full of interesting people ready to share information about topics from house construction to gardening to cooking and harvesting.

Earlier this year I posted a question on the cooking forum about regional food specialties. That post led to a wonderful discussion of regional treats to be on the lookout for but more importantly, led to some new friendships. Helene began emailing me with suggestions and soon our correspondence led to a meet up when we arrived in her area of CA.. We met earlier this week and had a lovely chat and made arrangements to meet for dinner at a local fish
Market/restaurant that evening. Dan and I were also the lucky recipients of guest passes to the Monterey Aquarium! We had a fantastic time at the aquarium and a great dinner that night with Helene and her husband.

One of the best things about the Internet is the opportunity it affords to bring people together and build community, even across many miles. We have more meet ups slated in the next few weeks and I am really looking forward to them.

Special thanks go to Helene for her generosity and sightseeing suggestions. We had a great time meeting you and Jim at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing for dinner!


2 thoughts on “The magic of the interwebs

  1. The Aquarium pictures are outstanding! It was our great pleasure to meet you and Dan, and share our part of the world with you. And thank you for the blog, so we armchair travelers can hitch a ride. ~~Helene

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