San Francisco

Aside from taking a required trip to Apple Headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino (see earlier post), we headed up to San Francisco to meet Ellen, a recent Colby alum, and good friend of Ali and I.

We met Ellen at Ferry Plaza after Ali and I left the car at a parking garage in Millbrae and took the BART subway into downtown. Who knew we’d be taking public transportation on our journey…

Anyway, we had lunch tigether along the bay and then Ellen treated us to a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge in her new car. Once over the bridge, we headed for new heights at the adjoining park. The view of the bridge and city in the distance through the ever present fog was classic. Ali and I both agreed that we would not have found such a stunning vista on our own. Ellen sure knows how to wow visitors from the East!

On the return visit to the car, Ellen threaded her way through some really nice neighborhoods in Sausalito (just across the bay from SF). It was a pleasant end to a great day and spending time with Ellen is always a treat. Thank you Ellen!






4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Wow! That’s a place that’s definitely on my list for someday! Gorgeous photos. So nice to be able to meet up with old friends as well.

  2. That’s where I suggested a picnic, back on the Cooking Forum. Isn’t that view incredible?

    Any pics from the Aquarium?


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