Reduce, reuse, recycle

Idly sipping my coffee this morning, I noticed that Target has helpfully provided a list of ways to reuse its plastic shopping bags. While glad to see they are encouraging reuse and recycling, I was nevertheless dumbfounded that such advice was even needed.

After all, my Target bag was probably in its third reuse, this time hanging off the picnic table in our campsite as a refuse bag (alas the campground does not compost). For many many years I’ve been using fabric bags for shopping, but dutifully re-using or recycling the few we do accumulate (primarily when on vacation I might add).

Do people really need ideas for ways to reuse plastic bags? One of my favorite re-uses is to share divided perennials with friends- I simply plop the plant in the bag and give it a little water then keep it in a shady area until it finds a new home. How do you reuse you plastic shopping bags?



7 thoughts on “Reduce, reuse, recycle

  1. Place a bag on the dusty, rear bumper of the car so that you have a clean surface to plant your rear so that you can put on socks and shoes. – Dan

  2. I reuse them as–such a stretch of the imagination–shopping bags, for when the canvas bags just aren’t quite right.

  3. So many reminders needed to try to green our environment. Why do people leave cars idling, with windows down, air conditioning on, radio on, and no one in the vehicle just to run into the P.O.? It’s a well known fact that turning the car off for short periods of time doesn’t hurt the vehicle. OKAY! I’m done ranting. Miss you two.

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