A hike, a view, and a beach

This morning we headed out (or should I say up) on a park trail that would bring us to Pfeiffer Falls. The trail was up and down and had its share of switch backs and in the end we did indeed see the falls spilling out of the hillside cascading down a rock face. After the falls we headed out and took a side trail to a point where a view of the hills, valley, and ocean could be seen. The view was there sans ocean due to the thick fog that shrouds the coastline. Oh, well! On the way down we ran into some lizards and caught them on camera. Cute little dudes!

After lunch we headed for Pfeiffer Beach across the street from the park. No fog, just sun, sand beach, aqua-marine rollers, and good gusty winds. We walked the surf a bit and then found a sheltered spot to watch the waves and soak up the sun.

We’re relaxing at camp at the moment. As is our habit, we’ll probably play a few games of Shit Head (a card game played in European hostels in days gone by… Google it!) and then hit the hay.

We’re enjoying our travels immensely!





4 thoughts on “A hike, a view, and a beach

  1. In addition to the lizards, at the beach we saw dozens of Brown Pelicans, a one-legged gull, and a quail with a funky little plume (California Quail?). Gorgeous!

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