The Pacific Coast Highway

Took off from Morro Bay this morning about 9:00. Drove north on the spectacular PCH for about 3 1/2 hours hoping to find a campsite as we had no reservations until July 3rd. Parts of the trip are simply going to be a crap shoot.

Lucky for us Pfeiffer Big Sur has sites they don’t promote online, so we’re covered for Sunday and Monday night and on Tuesday our reservation we made in February for here will kick in until Friday when we’ll move a bit north.

Lots of poison oak here. Damn! We’re discussing ways to not let this slow us down. On the upside, we’re camping under redwood trees for the next 5 days! Awesome!




5 thoughts on “The Pacific Coast Highway

  1. Ways to know the difference between Southern California and Northern California, besides Dodgers and Giants: PCH is only in the LA area. Anywhere north of LA county, it’s Highway 1. Another local giveaway, folks in the south speak of highways as “The (number of highway)” as in The 405 or The 210. Here in Northern CA, it’s just the number, as in 680 or 101. However, old-timers will tell you that 101 from San Jose to SF is The Bayshore, and 880 is still 17 or better yet, thru Oakland, it’s The Nimitz Freeway.

    Am waiting till you get to Coos Bay, Oregon. ;-)


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