Black Canyon revisited

Dan wrote earlier about our visit to the North Rim of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  Although every place we’ve visited has been spectacular, and we’ve driven through jaw-droppingly amazing scenery about every day since departing the midwest, Black Canyon really gripped me.  I wish we’d had time enough to visit the South rim and go down into the river area itself (although the NPS reports that Poison Ivy grows luxuriously in the canyon, not so good for me).

The sheer canyon walls plunge dramatically, nearly vertically, to the river, in some places as great a distance as 2250 feet, greater than the height of Maine’s Borestone Mountain at 1,946 feet.  Being there, one can easily imagine a person in an earlier time, traveling by foot or on horseback through the desert, stumbling upon this canyon and being completely awed by its scale and beauty.  The scale is enormous.

I’ll post s few photos, but the National Park website has more, and better ones.  If you plan a visit to this area in the future, I recommend a visit to the Black Canyon.

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