Friends of Maine

We visited Arches NP today in the 106 degree heat. Photos of that and our thoughts in a later post.

20120625-200413.jpgThis post is about how Maine is a big small town. We were driving through the ANP loop and we pulled over to take a picture and a white car pulled up behind. They stopped tosay hello because they saw the Maine plate. They live in Bangor. We talked a bit and then they said they were both from Brownville Junction. Do you know the B*** family we asked?  KB is a dear friend.  Oh, yes we do they replied. I think K was a year or so after me or before said the wife Susan Cowing (maiden name). The husband then started talking about K’s father and K’s aunt who lived around the corner. Susan’s husband’s uncle lived next door to the aunt.

It was a pleasure spending some time chatting with folks with Maine ties. We shook hands and went on with our travels.

Sorry, can’t recall Susan’s husband’s name at the moment… probably never will.

Oh wait, I bet K will know!



4 thoughts on “Friends of Maine

  1. I went to school with her brother Michael. One of my good friends all through school 1-12. Ain’t that a hoot! love you!

    • It was a warm day outside, but it was also a warm day “inside.” Ali and I have many friends to that simply can’t be beat. As the small, magnet bumper sticker on our fridge says, “Our friends kick ass…”

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