Hot enough to fry an egg

We arrived in Moab this afternoon. We first secured a campsite on BLM land along the Colorado River, then hit Moab for more ice for the cooler (working great BTW). We looked into a few shops seeking a/c then decided to head for Dead Horse Point State Park.

So named because cowboys drove horses out onto the point and corralled them to catch, some evil cowboy left a herd trapped high above the Colorado River to die of thirst. I hope he’s feeling the heat now.

However it received its name, the Park is spectacular, with amazing views over the canyon below. Located north and at a higher altitude it was slightly cooler than our campsite was at 104 degrees.

After a taco dinner made with free range Colorado beef and Olathe, Colorado corn tortillas, we are sitting along the riverbank at the campsite, watching the birds (a great blue heron and as yet un-identified small -long tailed birds) and bats swooping above. It is hot but good to be here. We’ll head for Arches NP bright and early tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Hot enough to fry an egg

  1. Ali, So far the trip sounds like a blast! Have Dan check the air filter in the car after the dusty roads – something I live with constantly. Keeps my engine running better and wastes less gas. I recently went for an oil change and had a mouse nest in my air filter that was a big surprise to the oil change attendant and the mice! There was enough “stuff” in the air filter and hose system to make a pillow! I’m surprised my car ran at all. Enjoy the day. Kathy.
    PS- Thanks so much for the get well and birthday card all the way from Des Moine.

    • Hi Kath! Thanks for the tip about the air filter. I will check it as it’s just a tad bit dusty here in the West! Hope you are getting around more and that nothing holds you back. We are sending warm thoughts you way as always. Say hi to everyone! – Dan

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