Black Canyon of the Gunnison: North Rim

Well, no trip to Durango yesterday. Smoke from wild fires near Durango was pretty intense. The alternate? BCG: North Rim. The North Rim is the less visited side of the park. The last six miles in is dirt… mixed in with a lot of dust.

The views are astounding. There are six vertigo inducing balconies along the edge. Ali got closer than I did.

On the way back to camp we stopped at a home-based fruit stand and shoppe. The fresh eggs sign is what got us and the owners were as pleasant as their hens which we had the opportunity to meet. We got our chicken fix!!!

On to the Moab area of Utah today via Ridgway and Telluride.



6 thoughts on “Black Canyon of the Gunnison: North Rim

  1. Wave to my sister ( stephanie Emery)…..her HQ is in Moab….(Adventure bus)….but I think she is on the road with a tour…she might be a yellowstone? Enjoy your day! Love your posts.

  2. I saw a great news piece on the Black Canyon. It looked liked a fabulous destination for houseboating with row boat in tow. Pull up to a sandy beach and camp. A lesser known canyon it does not have mobs of people – supposedly. Kathy

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