Iowa into Nebraska

Today is a 586 mile leg of the trip. Our destination is Mormon Island State Recreation Area in Doniphan, NB.

We’ve spent the last day or so at the home of my Aunt Sue and Uncle Gene in Glen Ellyn, IL. We had a wonderful visit and they loaded us up with provisions for today’s jaunt into the four lane jungle.

Yesterday we visited Morton Arboretum and viewed their prairie restoration project. We also went to Cantigny Park and toured the flower gardens. While their we had the chance to get up close and personal with a red-tailed hawk and its encroachment on the nesting area of a few chickadees. The chickadees were brave protectors of the home front as they continued to dive-bomb the hawk relentlessly with some good pecks to the head of the hawk. In the end the hawk couldn’t take anymore and left. There’s a life-lesson in there somewhere!

Check out the photo of the hawk on the Winding Roadies Flickr link on the right.


4 thoughts on “Iowa into Nebraska

  1. I’ve been checking every 2 hours. Finally, Aunt Sue called me at 7:15 to say you had just left.And now your message. Great. Bon Voyage. Smooth Sailing. Enjoy!!Oh, I did go to Henbogle Monday morning. Everything is fine. Just saw Ocho and gave her a love.

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