It’s down to mere hours

Departure time:  5 am Friday morning, to give us enough time to stop and meet my friend Holly for breakfast at Panera in West Springfield, MA.  The car is mostly packed, just need to
add the cooler and the random flotsam that can’t be loaded before we leave.

We have dribs and drabs of chores to finish — clean out the fridge, load and run the dishwasher, a final load of laundry, empty the compost bucket one last time.  Tomorrow morning we just need to load the cooler, the flotsam, ourselves, close up the house, and hit the road.  We’ll grab a bagel and coffee at Mr. Bagel in Brunswick, and then be on our way.  Tonight, we are saying goodbye to Maine with dinner at our favorite seafood place, the Sea Basket.


5 thoughts on “It’s down to mere hours

  1. Hi Dan & Ali…Mark and I wish you a wonderful & exciting trip….I can’t wait to read about your adventures….looking forward to it!!! Drive carefully :-) —Lynn

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you for the fond wishes! And yes, we’ll drive carefully. The travel lane on the highways is looking better these days than the passing lanes.

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