Making room

Dan suggested we consider removing the back seat of the car to make additional storage room.  I was hesitant, but in fact, it was an easy process.  First we removed the very useful organizer tray that covers the spare tire.  This then showed the bolts that attached the seat back to the floor of the car.

With a socket wrench, Dan quickly removed the 6 bolts, and the back of the rear seat was released and out.  We debated about removing the seat cushion, but decided it made a flatter more easily packed surface area in place.  Plus, with the cushion in place, we could sleep there if needed.  Just sayin’.

Looking at the seat, though, I realized I could easily slip a cover of some kind over it.  I had just the thing, an old plaid double fitted sheet.  I also just happened to have elastic clips to hold the sheet on, I had just purchased them at a tag sale thinking I could make a friend some pacifier leashes with them.

So, we quickly covered the seat cushion with the sheet, clipped it into place, and popped it back into position.  The the organizer tray and floor cover went back in and we are good to go.

The next step is a trial load of all the gear, probably next weekend.


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