Have tent, will travel

The plan calls for us to tent camp our way across the country, with a few nights with friends and/or family, and a very few nights in hotels.  Dan thinks there may be a night or two in the car, but I’m hoping he is wrong on that count.

We’ll be traveling in our new (to us in April) 2009 Mazda 3 hatchback, and tenting in our Kelty Trail Dome 4 tent.  Needless to say, we’ll be traveling a lot lighter than we do when we camp for 10 days at a time in Cobscook Bay State Park.  We are limiting ourselves to one large duffel bag for clothes and personal gear, the tent, a propane stove, a propane lantern, sleeping bags, our LL Bean (of course!) Camp Futons, a smallish cooler and food, and assorted camping/cooking gear.  We probably should throw in some Fix A Flat and a AAA card.  We’ll also be bringing one, or rather two, little luxuries:  our Mac Sports folding chairs, simply the most comfy compact folding chair I’ve ever parked my behind in.

With the back seat folded down, the Mazda is pretty roomy, and traveling light will use less gasoline, right?  Anyway, the Mazda has tunes and a moonroof, so we are good to go.  Have we forgotten anything?  Let us know!


12 thoughts on “Have tent, will travel

  1. I always take a small, easy knitting project on a road trip, if I’m not the only driver. :)
    Slippers are handy, too, or at least cozy socks.

  2. Books on tape or whatever the latest mode is. It’s fun when it’s dark to listen to old scary stories, maybe from old radio shows. Some oldie radio or tv shows are funny to listen to and you’ll laugh in spite of yourself. I think they are available at Cracker Barrel for sure. It’s great fun to share these things and they add to making great memories. A GPS I think is a given, not something you wouldn’t take.
    Explore other road-rescue companies besides AAA. We had them many years ago, got stuck out on the road and THEY WOULDN’T COME THAT FAR! We couldn’t believe it. The ONE time we ever needed them in 44 years and we were too far from the nearest sizeable town. I don’t know if they are still that way but it wouldn’t surprise me. After we reviewed all the material we had about them, no where was there any reference to distances. So check that out and probably more.

    • Thanks J for the tips! We will download some audiobooks to the iPods for the trip. Dan is the tech guy and will have GPS, probably on an iPhone. ANd the info about AAA is good, we will ask some serious questions, since knowing me if I get stuck somewhere it will be 40 miles from town.

  3. Maps (which I happen to prefer to a GPS, but go with what you like). And a book called “The Next Exit” or “Exit Now” which is a directory of what is off of each interstate exit (I assume you’ll be on interstate highways at least some of the time) — helps when you are looking for gas or food (restaurants, grocery stores). Kind of a phone book for the highway.

    • Cate, I like maps, I’m a geek. We’ve got a nice spiral bound road atlas, but I’ll be getting maps for the states we’ll spend the most time in, too. The book sounds good, I will look for it. Thanks!

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