Travel with us

The Henbogle henkeepers are hitting the road for a cross-country road trip.  Join us on our travels as we roam the back roads from sea to shining sea.

Our target departure date is the end of June, and over the next few months we will be researching our trip and posting our developing plans to this blog.  We invite you to join the discussion with ideas and suggestions.  What are your favorite state and national parks?  What are the magical, beautiful, quirky, interesting places we should see on this great American road trip?  The more we look at this atlas, the more difficult it is to plan. Hell’s Canyon or Angel Falls?  Bryce Canyon or Arches?  Help us see the best there is to see and experience in this amazing country.


8 thoughts on “Travel with us

  1. I did the west section of your trip last year-the 101 from LA to the Columbia River, Washington state and Glacier National park so here’s my advice: The 101 is gorgeous, I liked the section between San Fran and LA for its gorgeous views-although the road is a bit interesting. Glacier is amazing but Going to the Sun isn’t clear of snow until July 4th, I want to go back as I was there too early! One other suggestion: Take I-70 one way to Denver, it has less (slightly) traffic than I-80 and the plains of Kansas and the Ozark mountains of Missouri are wonderful(I’ll be driving across Kansas from my home in western Missouri on Thursday. A trip I’ve taken Many times and still I look forward to it.) Much different than Nebraska and Iowa (not that they aren’t beautiful in their own right but why not see both?)

  2. Hi Ali!

    You guys are more than welcome to pitch a tent on our property. It looks like you’re taking the toll roads (snore) through PA/OH/IN but if you went through Canada and through Detroit across MI, we’re just off of I-94/I-196, in southwest Michigan by the lake…we’re 1.5 hours from Chicago. (Alternately, we’re 30 minutes north of the Indiana toll road.) You can go to the beach; we can fire up the Loven, you can see the greenhouses etc. etc. And: you’re welcome to throw a load of wash in the washer!

    Have fun planning.

    • El, thanks for the generous offer! We’ve been debating about going through Canada one way just to change things up. The thought of seeing those greenhouses and the Loven is really, really tempting…. and maybe visiting some orchards if we do it on the return trip, drool. I will surely be in touch, and by all means, let us know if you have other route suggestions.

  3. How fun!!

    I haven’t done a lot in California, (I have tons more places I want to see there) but I really enjoyed the Lava Beds National Monument. Bodie State Historic park is a really cool ghost town that we enjoyed too.

    I’ve seen most of Arizona but for a tourist going through it, the Grand Canyon is probably the big thing. There are more Indian ruins in the state then you would have time to see.

    Colorado I haven’t seen much of but I really liked Mesa Verde.

    I love all the parks in Utah. Brice is my favorite over Zion. Arches is very pretty. There are still a few more of the bigs parks that I haven’t seen yet.

    The two things that I’ve seen and loved in Montana are Glacier and the Bannock Ghost town (you can walk through most of the building and it’s soooo cool!). If you go through Missoula you can stop at a carousal that is so ding dong fast you about fall off it. I had a hard time staying on. Montana is very beautiful.

    If you like hiking waterfalls, Oregon has tons of them. Silver Falls has 10 waterfalls at it’s park and 4 of them you can walk behind. The whole Oregon coast is beautiful with my favorite spot being at the Oregon dunes. That park has a mile trail from the dunes to the beach so if you walk it you almost always have the beach to yourself. There are lots of great breweries though out Oregon and Washington if you like trying new beers. Bend, OR is our favorite town to get away for a weekend as there are lots of outdoor things to do along with great food. The Columbia River Gorge is an awesome drive. If you like Japanese gardens we love the one in Portland. It is so peaceful and beautiful. There is a rose garden that is free right next to it if that is more your thing. We are still exploring Oregon ourselves so I am sure there are many more cool things to see. If you pass by Eugene give us a holler as if would be cool to meet you both.

    I’m sure I am forgetting all sorts of things that I liked in the different states. I will have to think about it for while and add anything if I remember. Either that or drag out my picture albums to jog my memory. :)

    Are you going to KOA camp, park camp, or side of the road car camp? I hate being grungy feeling so we usually KOA camp, but I do love the feel of park camps a little more. I found I loved waterless shampoo as it felt like I had clean hair. I refuse to be in a bazillion pictures looking like a hobo when we are touring. lol

    Lee and I are actually in the process of planning out a trip to DC in March. From there we are going to wind our way up to Maine. I’ve never seen anything over on the east coast or the capitol so I am very excited. There is so much history to see that it is a little intimidating to plan out a trip. All the western states we have gone though we usually do outdoor park stuff.

    • Hi Robin,

      Love these ideas! I definitely love the waterfall idea, so Silver Falls will be a must see. It is so hard to choose places, it is interesting to hear Bryce is your fave over Zion.

      We will be mostly park camping, some beside the car camping will probably happen in the remote places, and a few hotels for the long hot shower. I’ll have to check out the dry shampoo concept. We will be driving up the Oregon coast, so we will be pretty near Eugene, it would be fun to plan a meet-up!

      An you are coming to Maine!! in March? Really? Well, send me an e-mail with details, we’d love to plan a meet-up then, and I can certainly give you some pointers for places to go/see in New England. Send me an e-mail to and we can take it from there…. FUN!

      • Hi Ali,

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you. It’s been super crazy over here. I am hoping to finish up my trip planning in December. If all goes well we should make it to Maine and fly back from there. We would love to meetup. I will send you an email sometime next month. :)

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